No, CHALLENGE EVENTS SOUTH AFRICA, in consultation with CHALLENGEFAMILY and Triathlon South Africa, has taken the decision to postpone the 2020 CHALLENGECAPETOWN event until November 2021 as a precautionary measure to reduce the spread of 2019-nCoV Coronavirus.

All participants entered into the 2020 event, will automatically be migrated into the 2021 event taking place in November 2021.

Should there be any increase in the 2021 entry fees, then this price increase will be waived.

If you are not able to compete in the 2021 event, then you can apply for a full refund of the 2020 entry fee that you paid.

All athletes will be sent an e-mail and an SMS, with the option to select either; confirmation of your deferment to 2021 or the option to apply for a refund. Please check your e-mail address and mobile number provided during entry, If you have not received the e-mail, please send an email to, and include the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your ID or Passport Number
  • Confirmation that you are happy for your entry to be deferred to the 2021 event, or alternatively that you wish to apply for a refund.

The cut-off date for a refund is 23:59 on 31 July 2020. Thereafter, no more refunds for the 2020 event will be processed, and all remaining entries will be migrated across to the 2021 event. These entries will then be subject to the 2021 event’s standard refund policy as per all other new entries.

All 2020 participants will need to follow the below process in order to complete and confirm their chosen outcome before 31 July 2020.

  • Participant is notified via e-mail and SM of the postponement of the event and proposed refund timeline. A link in the communication will take the participant to the EasyReg login screen.
  • Participant will need to log into their EasyReg dashboard in order to make the change to their entry.
  • Once logged in they will see their dashboard of events that they are currently entered into. They need to select CHALLENGECAPETOWN 2020 by clicking the refund / deferral button.
  • They will then be given the option to either defer their entry to the November 2021 event or apply for a full refund of their 2020 entry fee.
  1. If they select the deferral option:
    • They will be asked to confirm their selection
    • Once confirmed, they have completed their deferral request to the 2021 event
    • The participant will then be sent an e-mail confirming their selection. The moment the online entries for the 2021 event open, these participants will then automatically receive an entry confirmation e-mail as proof of their entry.
  2. If they select the refund option:
    • Participants may be asked to provide their bank details regardless of their original method of payment.
      • Note: An automatic refund attempt will be made to the credit card of those that paid by credit card, but should this fail, we will then use the bank details provided to complete the refund process.
    • Once participant bank details have been provided and they have confirmed their selection, their application for a refund is complete.
    • The participant will then be sent a confirmation of their selection
    • Once the refund transaction has been completed, the athlete will then receive a payment confirmation mail confirming the refund.

The 2021 Refund policy will take affect as soon as 2021 Online Entries have been launched in November 2020. The following terms will apply:

  • Athletes who are unable to participate, regardless of their reasons, can request postponement and refund of their entry under the following terms:
    • Until 23h59 on 30 June 2021 – 100% refund on entry fee, less a processing fee
    • Until 23h59 on 31 July 2021 – 50% refund on entry fee, less a processing fee
    • Until 23h59 on 31 August 2021 – 25% refund on entry fee, less a processing fee
    • 1 September 2021 and after – 0% refund on entry fee
  • Should the 2021 event be cancelled or postponed due to the extended restrictions caused by the Covid-19, then all registered athletes, irrespective of the date, will be entitled to a full refund.
  • A R150 processing fee will be applied on all refunds.

Should the athlete complete their selection prior to the deadline of the 31 July 2020, then the refund will be processed within 2 weeks of their application.

CHALLENGE EVENTS SOUTH AFRICA, in consultation with CHALLENGEFAMILY and Triathlon South Africa are assessing the most suitable date for the 2021 event, which will most likely be staged in November 2021.

Participants are advised to contact the service provider directly through whom you booked accommodation, flights or any other athlete services to cancel your bookings.

CHALLENGECAPETOWN will not reimburse participants for these services or associated costs incurred due to the postponement of the event. We encourage you to contact your private travel insurance company for details.