Wanna be one of the cool kids? Then get involved now to put your hat in the ring as a CHALLENGECAPETOWN 2022 ambassador! 

Do you love the event as much as we do? Then we want you to be one of our event ambassadors!


  1. We are looking for:
    1. 2-4 x men
    2. 2-4 x women
    3. 1 family, entering as a relay team
  2. If selected, you will receive: 1 FREE entry and some awesome sponsor swag!
  3. Applications close on 11 February 2022, and the Ambassadors will be announced on Friday, 26 February 2022.


  1. Complete the application form for the opportunity to be one of our ambassadors for 2022.
  2. The CHALLENGECAPETOWN team will select the 2022 ambassadors, and be in touch with these individuals before 26 February 2022.
  3. Then it’s your turn! Share and promote the event to your friends, club mates and tri buddies, tell the world that you will be participating, and generate entries through a unique link provided to you. 
  4. Become part of the coolest crews around and earn  awesome benefits along the way.

Submit Your Application By Midnight on 11 February 2022.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. If you are selected as a CHALLENGECAPETOWN ambassador, you will be required to share the event’s marketing and promotional messaging on your social media platforms. This will be provided to you. You are also required to generate your own messages and generate entries into the triathlon.
  2. You will receive a unique link through which your followers must enter- the more entries are processed under this link, the greater the benefits for the ambassador.
  3. Completing the application form below indicates that you understand these rules.