Amendment To Cycle Route

Following close consultation with the City of Cape Town, Traffic Authorities, as well as our TSA Technical Delegate, an amendment has been made to the cycle route. Please ensure you are familiar with this change.

While the footprint of the cycle route remains essentially the same, the respective locations of the Turning Points have changed. This means that you will now cycle three loops of just under 20km each between Atlantic Beach Golf Estate and Dolphin Beach Hotel before continuing to the City and T2.

There are numerous benefits to this change, including safety (our top priority), accommodating general road users, and spectator value as it will be easier for your supporters to cheer you on along this stretch.


Why did you make this change?

The event organisers, WorldSport, have worked in close and continuous consultation with the City of Cape Town, Traffic Authorities and technical race officials throughout the planning phase of the event. As Race Day drew nearer, we were advised to create shorter loops to maximise athlete safety. Athlete safety is our top priority at all times.

What are the benefits of this change?

In addition to enhanced safety, the loops between Atlantic Golf Estate and Dolphin Beach Hotel will greatly enhance the opportunity for your supporters to see you on numerous occasions on the cycle, and cheer you on along this stretch. We are also accommodating the needs of road users.

How will I know when I have completed three loops?

At completion of your third full lap, you would have covered approximately 62.4km. Keep an eye on your watch or bike computer as you complete your three loops. The distance from the Turning Point at Atlantic Golf Estate to T2 located in the CBD, is approximately 27.4km.

Look at for the signs at the Turning Point located at Dolphin Beach, that direct athletes to keep left and continue straight to the cycle finish (T2).

Will there be road closures in place to ensure our safety?

Yes. A mix of road and lane closures will be in place. Please review the road closures here, and follow the instructions of marshals and route officials on Race Day.

Will we be cycling on the MyCiti Bus Lane or in the cycle lane?

We have exclusive use of the MyCiti Bus Lane from 09h00 to 10h45. From 10h45 athletes will be diverted onto the MyCity cycle lane.

Will you clean the cycle route?

Yes, we will clean the cycle route before the start of the race.