Selaotswe comes with an impressive athletic background, and currently works as a Physical Training and Sports Recreation Officer for the South African Air Force, stationed in Makhado.

I have been involved in triathlon since 2010 after I was invited by a friend who also lent me a bike. Before that I have been in multisport since high school.

I then formed part of the Free State Biathlon team before becoming captain of the Western Cape Biathlon Team at the SA Champs. After moving to Pretoria in 2012, I was selected to join the Gauteng North Triathlon, which won their champs. My winning streak continued when I moved to Mpumalanga in 2014, where I won the Biathlon Champs.

Shortly after, I also came 5th overall in my first Triathlon champs, and had the opportunity to participate at SA Triathlon Champs in 2018, where I finished 8th overall, and selected to represent South Africa at the World ITU grand final Champs in Australia.

In 2019 I participated at the SA Sprint Champs were I got bronze in my age group, and was once again selected to represent SA at the World Champs in Switzerland. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend due to financial constraints.

I have completed two Double Centuries, and I have completed numerous Midmar Miles. In addition, I have also been part of the South African National Defence Triathlon Team that competed at 2 Military Games (Brazil-Rio 2011) then (South Korea-2015).

I also have received a number of awards and acknowledgment throughout my sports career, including being a runner-up at The Air Force Sports Awards for the Sportsman of the year.

I enjoy the multisport events because they allow a person to fully understand that the limits only exist in the mind.